XTK Screenshot
XTK™ (X-Ray Toolkit) software is a FREE scanner-independent radiography software designed just for Bomb Techs!

  • Features
    • Scanner Integration
    • Image Processing
    • Mosaic Stitching
    • Grid Aim
    • Dose Calculation
    • Incident Management
    • 3D Visualization
    • Training
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  • Latest Release: 2.5 SP2
    • Adaptive Histogram Equalization
    • Touch Support for Pan and Zoom
    • Vidisco Interface (req. Xbit API)
    • NOVO-DR Interface (req. NOVOX)
    • 3D Visualizer Improvements
    • Updated Dose Calculator
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  • Scanner Drivers
    • Some scanner drivers are available from this website (ScanX, Nexray, Logos).
    • For the full list of scanners that are supported, see the Features page.
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